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Astronomy Class

Dr. James Conwell:       http://jcconwell.wordpress.

Mellisa Ray:                     http://dhsscienceteacher.wordpress.com/

James Megenhardt:      http://eastrichlandchemistry.wordpress.com/

Steve Zownorega:         http://dgsphysics.wordpress.com/

Sergey Zinovichik:       http://chemfan.wordpress.com/

Kyle Farley:                    http://kfarley.wordpress.com/

Matthew Sanders:        http://pjhsci.wordpress.com/

Amy Brown:                   http://neogajrhscience.wordpress.com/

Bartholonew Frey:     http://ghsscience.wordpress.com/

Matt Bulman:               http://stcescience.wordpress.com/

Kristen Harvey:         http://kanewbyscience.wordpress.com/

Amy Kincaid:              http://misskblog.wordpress.com/

Orlando Ramos:         http://schsscience.wordpress.com/

Shannon Inboden:    http://mrsgoebel.wordpress.com/

P&K Holder:               http://gnhsphysics.wordpress.com/

Lauren Hopper:         http://heritageag.wordpress.com/


1. Eshan - September 26, 2009

from where does the light get’s it’s ultimate velocity?

2. Andy James - February 23, 2010

Whence the universe’s edge, and do any black holes require a shave?

Physics may not have the absolute answers, but it gives one a course to follow for asymptotically approaching the true nature of reality, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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