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New NEO Discovered From ARI, Charleston, IL. March 6, 2011

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2011 EB7 Credit JPL and J Conwell

NEO 2011 EB7 discovered on March 2, by  Astronomical Research Institute (ARI), in Charleston Illinois, is an AMOR Near Earth Object (NEO). AMOR’s are Earth-approaching NEAs with orbits exterior to Earth’s, but interior to Mars’ orbit, named after asteroid Amor 1221.Robert  Holmes, director of ARI, is an adjunct professor in the physics department at Eastern Illinois university.

2011 EB7  is currently 0.5 AU away from Earth. It also has a predicted orbital period of 2.42 years. The closest point of 2011 EB7 orbit is 0.16AU to Earth’s orbit. For more detailed information go to the JPL site:




1. james - March 7, 2011

kool discovery

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