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NEW PODCAST:Is There Cosmological Evidence for God? December 18, 2010

Posted by jcconwell in Astronomy, Cosmology, Podcast.
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Fine tuning is one of the central topics in modern cosmology. In order to see what we see in the present epoch of the universe, especially life, what were the conditions in the past?. How finely tuned did the fundamental constants have to be. This has lead to many ideas like inflation and the anthropic principle


Description: Is the Universe finely tuned for human life? If so, is this cosmological evidence for God?

Bio: Dr Stuart Clark is an award-winning astronomy author and journalist. His books include The Sun Kings, and the highly illustrated Deep Space, and Galaxy. His next book is Big Questions: Universe, from which this podcast is adapted. Stuart is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a Visiting Fellow of the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and senior editor for space science at the European Space Agency. He is also a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes. His website is www.stuartclark.com and his Twitter account is @DrStuClark.



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