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Telescope News from ARI and EIU November 7, 2010

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Astronomical Research Institute(ARI), Eastern Illinois University and Hands-on Universe in cooperation with the University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory and Argonne National Laboratory just commissioning the 30 inch (0.76m) AutoScope that will be used for education and research. EIU and ARI refurbished this RC optics telescope after it had been stuck by lightning in New Mexico. New photos show it on site at the opening nite celebration.

30" RC Astroscope

We also got to see the progress on the ARI’s 50″ telescope which will hopefully see first light in the summer of 22011. You can see the progress on the massive fork mount that will hold the optical tube.

Dr. Steve Daniels, ARI's Bob Holmes and Prof. Dave Linton looking at the massive folk mount for the 50" telescope

After a new coat of epoxy primer and weighing in at 1990 lbs the fork mount stands ready for the rest of the telescope to be completed.

Fork for the 50" telescope



1. Bill Wolf - November 7, 2010

Wow! Looks amazing! I can’t wait for the first shots out of these beauties. Can you get some photos of pretty things before they go on cold deadly rock detail?

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