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Video of 2010 TD54 Near Miss Today. October 12, 2010

Posted by jcconwell in Asteroid, Astronomy.
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Amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins captured images this morning of the newly found asteroid 2010 TD54 that passed byEarth about 27,000 miles away.  The  asteroid was only detected this past Saturday. The film, which was made form a composite of 16 still pictures with a  5 second exposure., show the asteroid passing  through the background sky, although moving along at 10.7 miles/s. Estimates are the asteroid is about 7.3 m wide, and contained the energy of about 22 kilotons of TNT, if it would have come crashing through Earth’s atmosphere. For this animation, the mount was set to allow the target to pass through the field of view, and includes 16 five-second exposures shot between 08:51:51 and 08:54:04 UTC. The streak is the asteroid and the length of the streak shows how far it travels relative to the background in 5 seconds.



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