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Hunting for Killer Asteroids at EIU March 1, 2010

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This weekend at Eastern Illinois University, was the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) Teacher Education Workshop,  Presented by Vivian Hoette of Yerkes Observatory and Robert Holmes of the Astronomical Research Institute (ARI) and EIU.

The teachers and EIU students who attended the WISE astrometric and photometric workshop

The workshop was held in one of the Physics department’s Computer Lab where we spent the day learning how to use the program Astrometrica to search for asteroids. On Friday and Saturday night we went to ARI, to learn how the 24″ and 32″ telescopes gather the nightly photos that we use to hunt for  NEO’s  (Near earth Objects) that could potentially be on a collision course for Earth.

Hunting down the confirmation of WISE NEO W008g5g = 2010 CG18

Hunting down the confirmation of WISE NEO W008g5g = 2010 CG18

On the afternoon break we saw the 30″ telescope that the students at EIU are helping to refurbish

During a break, Dr. Conwell is showing the EIU student work on the 30" telescope

Jim, Peggy, Tyler, Hannah and Josh figuring out the mechanics of measuring NEO targets

For more pictures of the workshop go to the ARI Site



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