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Robert Holmes Confirms the first WISE Space Telescope Comet Discovery February 9, 2010

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Animation of WISE Comet discovery W007s0z

Robert Holmes used the first ground based telescope, the ARO 0.81-m to confirm the first WISE space telescope comet discovery now known as COMET P/2010 B2 (WISE).  Many large observatories attempted to confirm this discovery more than 7 days earlier including the Faulkes 2.0m telescope in Hawaii as well as the 0.81m telescope at ARO without success.  However due to poor weather, ARO had to wait 7 more days to make their second attempt at the WISE discovery on 2010 02 07.  Holmes and Harlan Devore located the target in ARO images at nearly the same time separated by about 800 miles.  Two other telescopes also confirmed the WISE comet discovery including the 3.6-m telescope at Mauna Kea operated by A. Draginda and D.J. Tholen and the Spacewatch 1.8-m telescope at Kitt Peak operated by J.V. Scotti.

For an animation of this discovery confirmation and the MPEC, see



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