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Cosmic Demolition Derby November 24, 2009

Posted by jcconwell in Galaxy.
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Do you like collisions…big collisions? Is the LHC smashing together little protons just not enough for you? Then wet your citizen science taste-buds on something really big. Brought to you by our friends at galaxy zoo, and debuting today, colliding galaxies!


“The analogy I’ve been using is that it is like driving past a car crash,” said Galaxy Zoo team member Chris Lintott from Oxford University. “You get a snapshot of the action, but there are two things you want to know: what caused the crash (or what did things look like before it all went wrong), and you want to know what the outcome is going to be. We’re doing the same thing. We want to know what the galaxies looked like before the mergers started disrupting them, and we want to know how they are going to end up. Just like our other Galaxy Zoo projects, humans are much better at doing this than computers, and lots of humans are even better.” (Credit , Universe Today)


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