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30″ telescope arrives at EIU! November 15, 2009

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On Thursday we got delivery of the 30″ Ritchey-Chrétien from New Mexico. The poor scope had been hit by lightning, and had been out of service for some time. But because of the work of Bob Holmes from we were able to acquire it with the University of Chicago and through Argonne National Labs. Now on to the renovations!


Dave Linton, Bob Holmes, John Pratte, and Jim Conwell inspecting the first of four pieces of the 30" telescope mount

After we moved the four pieces to a lab, we will strip off and test the motors and the electronics to see the full extent of the lightning damage.  I’ll then supervise the students on the cleanup of the mount, getting rid of the rust and re-painting it. Don’t worry guys, the optics are already out…I may be a theoretical physicist buteven I know sandpaper and mirrors don’t mix.


Moving the 4 pieces through the doors was at times "interesting"


The mount in pieces on the lab floor...now the work begins

Ninad Ilic holding the 30" mirror cell

Ninad Ilic holding the 30" mirror cell

The students are eagar to get started, and when fully assembled the telescope will look like this :


Credit: UC Berkeley



1. Joe Glynn - December 1, 2009

Looks great!
I’d like to come back down to EIU and talk to you soon about the two meter project I’m working on at Walnut Point Observatory.

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