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Galaxy Zoo visits EIU MSNS Students August 13, 2009

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If you are looking to become a citizen scientist there is no better way  than a to go the Galaxy Zoo web site and become a  “zooite”.  My graduate level Astronomy for Teachers class was lucky enough to have an introduction to the project from one of the Galaxy Zoo researchers Georgia Bracey.

Georgia Bracey explaining Galaxy Zoo

Georgia Bracey explaining Galaxy Zoo

The Galaxy Zoo files contain almost a quarter of a million galaxies which have been imaged with a camera attached to the robotic telescope from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. In order to understand how these galaxies — and our own — formed, they need your help to classify them according to their shapes — a task at which your brain is better than even the fastest computer.
Teachers Learning about Galaxy Zoo
EIU MSNS Teachers Learning about Galaxy Zoo

More than 150,000 people have taken part in Galaxy Zoo so far, producing a wealth of valuable data and sending telescopes on Earth and in space chasing after their discoveries. Zoo 2 focuses on the nearest, brightest and most beautiful galaxies. The newest project added is the HUNT FOR SUPERNOVAE . If your lucky , you could also be one of the people to be to discover whole new classes of objects like “Hanny’s Voorwerp” or the “Green Peas Galaxies

Hanny's Voorwerp (Green Object)

Hanny's Voorwerp (Green Object)

"Green Pea" Galaxies

"Green Pea" Galaxies



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