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Students are back! August 21, 2008

Posted by jcconwell in Astronomy, Observatory.

Of course it’s drizzling! What would move in weekend be without a little rain. I’m spending today inside finding a leak in the observatory dome…ha! and people think rainy weather is totally bad for an observatory. If I can ever get to my office I’ll start to install software on my new office computer. I bit the bullet and got a PC, mostly because nearly all of the programs that I use to run the observatory are for PCs. So I’m installing The Sky6, which I use for telescope control and general planetarium stuff, and MaximDL for image processing.

The observatory is remote enough that I have parking. Closer to campus polite anarchy is the rule. Between 4000 students moving into dorms, and my office being next to the bookstore, you can’t even find an illegal parking place! Also, if your a pedestrian, you have to watch out for the drivers who don’t know which are the one way streets.

My only bright spot was pointing out to my friend Jeff, who’s the sculpture professor, that he will finally have to hunt for a parking place since the new Doudna Fine Arts center is on campus!

He just growled…



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