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More IYA 2009 plans at EIU August 14, 2008

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Six outside speakers, twelve observatory open houses, this blog, and now two more project are coming through.

Every third grade class in the Charleston schools will get a Galileoscope ! The IAU and member nations will be ordering at least 100,00 of these telescopes. While they are inexpensive they are high quality. This is part of the world wide plan to get 10,000,000 people world wide to look through a telescope for the first time.

The IYA 2009 fever is spreading here at EIU, along with the support of Dean Hanner of College of Sciences, both Dean Jackman of the College of Education and Dean Johnson from the College of Arts and Humanities have been willing to lend support.

We are looking at some venues for the display of large astro-murals, either print or via digital projection. We will be covering the second floor of the physical science building. However we are looking for other public venues in 2009 around campus.

One possibility is the new Doudna Fine Arts Center ! Opening up in 10 days.

Doudna Entrance

Doudna Entrance

Associate Dean Lynch was kind enough to show me around, literally giving me the backstage tour. The building is vast, more than triple the space of the old center. It houses the departments of Theater , Art, and Music.

I had a very useful discussion, after the tour, with Deans Johnson and Lynch, about display options. Thanks, to both of you, for taking your time to see me in the final days before the completion of this massive project.



1. Bill Wolf - August 16, 2008

This sounds pretty exciting! I hope we can continue to get the campus more excited in Astronomy.

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