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Gearing Up for IYA 2009 July 25, 2008

Posted by jcconwell in IYA 2009.
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IYA, is short for the International year of astronomy. Planning has started, for IYA here, at Eastern Illinois University. We will bring in six outside speakers in 2009. Along with our traditional open house at the observatory the last Fridays of the month, and we hope to have some special open houses with themes, like how to use your telescope. There are a lot of telescopes given as Christmas presents out there gathering dust, that need to come out and view clear sky. Also in the near future….podcasting.

While waiting for our podcast, let me direct you to one of the masters of the art.

Dr. Pamela Gay of SIU Edwardsville who along with Fraiser Cain are the host of Astronomy Cast at http://www.astronomycast.com/


1. Mark Thompson - July 25, 2008

Dear JCConwell–

You have great plans for IYA2009! I met your colleague, David Linton, at the AAS Conference in St. Louis last month following my presentation of an excerpt from my show “Galileo 1610”, in which I portray Galileo. David was interested in bringing Galileo to Eastern Illinois U. for a performance. If you haven’t already booked all your speakers, consider inviting Galileo! I am already scheduled to be in the Chicago area for a performance in August, 2009– so perhaps we could work something out then or another time.

For more information about my show, please check out my website: http://www.galileo1610.com.

Best wishes,

Mark Thompson

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